Montessori Method

Little Campus Montessori preschool is based on the Montessori philosophy and designed to meet developmental needs of children ages 30 months to 5 years. Our focus is the integral development of the child, emphasizing on courtesy, concentration, coordination and  independence.. At Little Campus Montessori children will find a peaceful and orderly environment filled with practical materials where they can explore and socialize with their peers. The classroom has a directress in charge of observing each child and creating a work plan based on its specific needs so he/she can develop their maximum potential. The directress presents each child with activities and instructions on how to use the materials. All children freely choose the activities they want to do and the directress will observe and guide the child if necessary.

Activities are changed every month according to a theme and children’s need. There are six defined areas at all times in the classroom. These areas include: 

  • Practical life 
  • Sensorial 
  • Language (library corner)
  • Math 
  • Cultural (Biology,Geography) 
  • Art and craft area.